Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gold: A Critical Holding in the Current Economic Crisis

We firmly believe that in the current economic enviornment, gold should be an essential part of every individuals asset portfolio. Just like we invest in stocks or save up to buy a home, so should we set aside some portion of our savings in physical gold. The following is a list of articles on 'Investing in Gold' by The Firecracker Report, as well as by some prominent thinkers we respect and admire.

The Firecracker Report
Is Shortage of Physical Bullion the Real Reason for the Recent Sharp rally in Gold ?
October 2009
For the Beginner Investor - How to Buy Gold Coins/Bars?
August 2009
Where to Put Your Money? Choosing Between Physical Gold and Gold Stocks/ETFs
August 2009

Sprott Asset Management
Once Gold Decisively tops US$1000, it'll Stay There
June 2009
China, Western Central Banks Out of Sync on Gold
May 2009
Monetary Measures Imply Big Movement for Gold
April 2009
Own Gold, the Metal, Not a Paper Promise
March 2009
As Safe as Gold
February 2009
Obama Team may not be Friendly to Gold
February 2009
Gold the True Refuge for the Current Crisis
January 2009
Cash or Gold
October 2008

Adrian Douglas of Market Force Analysis
The Dynamics of the Gold and Silver Market (Developing Shortage of Physical Gold)
October 2009
Pirates of the Comex (Using Futures Markets to Manipulate Gold Prices)

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