Tuesday, February 9, 2010

55% of Chinese Believe a COLD WAR is Breaking Out Between the U.S. and China

As we have pointed out before, U.S. China hostilities are hitting a new crescendo, setting stage for a new and infinitely more dangerous war frontier. According to the London Times: China Hawks have been demanding a Cold War with the U.S.
More than half of Chinese people questioned in a poll believe China and America are heading for a new “cold war”. The finding came after battles over Taiwan, Tibet, trade, climate change, Internet freedom and human rights which have poisoned relations in the three months since President Barack Obama made a fruitless visit to Beijing.
In China’s eyes, the American response — which includes a pledge by Obama to get tougher on trade — is a reaction against its rising power.
An independent survey of Chinese-language media for The Sunday Times has found army and navy officers predicting a military showdown and political leaders calling for China to sell more arms to America’s foes. The trigger for their fury was Obama’s decision to sell $6.4 billion (£4 billion) worth of weapons to Taiwan, the thriving democratic island that has ruled itself since 1949.
We should retaliate with an eye for an eye and sell arms to Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba and Venezuela,” declared Liu Menxiong, a member of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference.
He added: “We have nothing to be afraid of. The North Koreans have stood up to America and has anything happened to them? No. Iran stands up to America and does disaster befall it? No.” Officially, China has reacted by threatening sanctions against American companies selling arms to Taiwan and cancelling military visits.
But Chinese analysts think the leadership, riding a wave of patriotism as the year of the tiger dawns, may go further. “This time China must punish the US,” said Major-General Yang Yi, a naval officer. “We must make them hurt.” A major-general in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), Luo Yuan, told a television audience that more missiles would be deployed against Taiwan. And a PLA strategist, Colonel Meng Xianging, said China would “qualitatively upgrade” its military over the next 10 years to force a showdown “when we’re strong enough for a hand-to-hand fight with the US”.
Chinese indignation was compounded when the White House said Obama would meet the Dalai Lama, the exiled spiritual leader of Tibet, in the next few weeks.
When someone spits on you, you have to get back,” said Huang Xiangyang, a commentator in the China Daily newspaper, usually seen as a showcase for moderate opinion.
An internal publication at the elite Qinghua University last week predicted the strains would get worse because “core interests” were at risk. It said battles over exports, technology transfer, copyright piracy and the value of China’s currency, the yuan, would be fierce.
President Hu Jintao refused to give an inch on Obama’s plea to raise the value of the Chinese currency...Diplomats say they have been told that there was “frigid” personal chemistry between Obama and the Chinese president, with none of the superficial friendship struck up by previous leaders of the two nations.
Then came Copenhagen, where Obama virtually had to force his way with his bodyguards into a conference room where the urbane Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao, was trying to strike a deal behind his back.
In our report titled Google's Mysterious Threat to Pull Out of China - Is a Covert WAR Brewing Between the U.S. and China?, we had made the case that behind Google's posturing, lay a far greater threat of increasing hostilities between the two nations. At the present time these hostilities are economic, political and covert in nature. Neither country is willing to go for a full military confrontation just yet. Of course that could all change as the U.S. sinks deeper into an economic quagmire. For now the U.S. is trying to break China's back, by:
  1. Increasing the "freedom of speech rhetoric" to "educate" the Chinese people to revolt against their own government. The U.S. knows that China's non-democratic set-up and autocratic communist rule is its Achilles heel, in its rise as the world's leading economy.
  2. Obama has been pressing the Chinese to appreciate the yuan against the dollar, knowing full well that it would kill their global exports and lead to yet more civil unrest. Notice that a simpler less confrontational path would have been to impose higher taxes on the import of goods manufactured by U.S. corporations in China. That would have the effect of moving production back to the U.S. Instead the U.S. has launched a full scale attack on the Chinese currency, a move that would hit China much harder, by making its exports non-competitive not only in the U.S. but also globally.
  3. Lastly, the U.S. is preventing the Chinese from accessing mineral, oil and gas resources they desperately needs for continued economic expansion, through increased geo-political blockages. The current crisis in the Middle East an oil rich region is a direct result of this strategy.

China for its part has stepped up economic and Internet espionage through increased cyber attacks on key U.S. infrastructures. American national security experts are currently in a state of panic over the vulnerability of stock exchanges and the U.S. currency from a purposeful attack by a rogue financial player. Just as George Soros (a very evil man in the eyes of many Asians) successfully orchestrated an attack on Asian currencies in 1998, bringing those economies to their knees, China could easily pummel the dollar or the U.S. stock market by setting up a hedge fund with unlimited funding. (A big reason why the U.S. stock market is most likely classified a national security risk). According to a report by Nathan Gardels in the Huffington Post:
Though America's cyber-vulnerability has long been a concern of the intelligence agencies, the Google episode has catapulted it to a national security priority. No one knows more about China's cyberwar capacities than Mike McConnell, who was director of National Intelligence, the supreme authority over all U.S. intelligence agencies, from Feb. 2007 to Jan. 2009, and director of the National Security Agency from 1992 to 1996.
After attacks last Spring on the Pentagon and the New York Stock Exchange, I sat down with him to discuss the chief suspect, then also China, and to get the lay of the cyberwar battlefield.
Some defense analysts say that 90 percent of the probes and scans of American defense systems as well as commercial computer networks come from China. So I asked McConnell what he thought about that estimate.
"I don't know if it is 90 percent," McConnell hedged, "but they are determined to be the best. Probably the best in the world in the cyber realm are the United States, then the Russians, the British, the Israelis and the French. The next tier is the Chinese.
"The Chinese," he continued, "are exploiting our systems for information advantage -- looking for the characteristics of a weapons system by a defense contractor or academic research on plasma physics, for example -- not in order to destroy data and do damage. But, for now, I believe they are deterred from destroying data both by the need to export to the U.S. and by the need to maintain a stable currency and stable global markets.
"But what happens if we have a war? A capability for information exploitation could quickly be used for information attack to destroy systems on which the U.S. depends."
There is no real need for such hostilities, whose flames are being fanned by the insane "sole-superpower" aspirations of the U.S. political class and China's continued brutal suppression of its people and their freedom. This decade is definitely shaping up to be the most dangerous ever. Which is why we urge people to be self-sufficient: have access to alternative modes of currency (gold and silver) in the event of a dollar collapse (real or staged by a hostile nation); try growing your own food in your back-yard or consider buying a farm; and keep excess food supply and other emergency provisions in your home. If there is a currency collapse - you will not be able to go to the grocery store to buy food.
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