Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dicky Boy…Whatcha Up To?

On the 1 year anniversary of Lehman’s spectacular collapse, we were wondering what our buddy Dicky Boy (aka Dick Fuld) was up to. Looks like he has opened up a new advisory practice Matrix Advisors LLC in NYC.
Our heartiest congratulations to you Boy! And …um just one more thing…go easy on the secretarial staff. We have heard through the receptionist grapevine that our buddy Dicky Boy was such a DIVA! He was not your typical “I drink water from the water cooler” CEO. Hell No! Every single day, Dicky Boy had his water served to him in a crystal glass balanced on a tray by his oh so nervous staff. No drinking water out of Aquafina bottles too, mind you.
And even though his office was a mere 30 seconds walk from the floor elevator, our DIVA would not be caught dead waiting for one. He was busy you see…engineering Lehman’s collapse. So before he went anywhere, his secretary would alert the floor receptionist that Dicky Boy was on his way to the elevator banks. The poor receptionist would then nervously press a special button under her desk, which would then zoom up one of 8 elevators to Dicky Boy’s floor! And one more thing…apparently she had to peer in the cameras to make sure the elevator was empty.
Funny eh...Of course not so funny when you are a bottom of the ladder analyst balancing a 3 ton set of pitch books waiting for the elevator to carry you up from the production room to your nervous associate/VP…only to watch it zoom away!!

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