Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Panda Envy: Small Business Owners Not Seeing Green Bamboo Shoots

The OC register is reporting that green shoots have certainly not sprouted in the small business camp, whose owners have now taken to tapping personal assets to survive. And while they are doing that they are certainly not looking to hire more workers or expand their business. A Discover Small Business Watch poll captures the mood:


John said...

well the real problem here is most of these small business owners never sat in on an economics class at princeton, harvard or yale... if they had done that then they would possess the the acumen to know the recovery is right around the corner.

I mean the next corner, or maybe the next corner? More stimulus?

The Firecracker Report said...

Hah hah...yeah just throw in some more trillions in stimulus and the recovery will be just around the "corner"!