Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bess Levin Destroys Ken Lewis BFF Analyst Dick Bove by Constantly Calling Him a "SHE"

An incredibly funny post by Bess Levin of the Wall Street tabloid Dealbreaker. Bess takes on Dick Bove, the Rochdale Securities' equity analyst, of the "I love Bank of America's outgoing CEO Ken Lewis" and "Buy Lehman Brothers (August 2008)" fame. Bess writes:
Like many of you, Rochdale analyst Dick Bové caught the Obama 60 Minutes interview last night. And she did not like what she saw. What specifically frosted Bové’s cookies was the blame Obama laid on Wall Street’s asses. She did not appreciate the misguided notion the president seems to have in his head that Wall Street caused the financial crisis and she really had some serious difficulty accepting the hideous suggestion that some banks repaid their TARP money just so they could pay out big bonuses.
Read more of Bess' post here

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