Thursday, December 24, 2009

Desperation is Setting In...

Author: The Golden Truth Blog
While you're reading this, think about all of the billions in taxpayer funding that Obama/Geithner/Bernanke have handed over to the banks to keep them from collapsing and to make sure the employees get paid record bonuses this year.
Serious poverty is spilling into the middle class.
My significant other - who teaches high school in a lower-middle income area - and her sister - who teaches 1st grade at an upper-middle income elementary school - are both seeing the severe strains of poverty in the faces and body language of many of their students. Last Friday, a mother of three elementary school students showed up at the school begging for help, as she had just fed her kids the last can of green beans in the cupboard. The mother had finally capitulated after losing her job and had been too proud with the false-hope of finding a new job to apply for welfare. The man she had voted for to be President had failed her. And now she was desperate for any kind of help to keep her family alive, while she watched Obama hand out multi-billion dollar Christmas gifts to the big bankers who purportedly were doing "God's work," yet who in reality provide no value to our system and who function as giant leeches sucking the last of the life-blood from the economy before the final collapse.
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