Friday, December 4, 2009

Fed May Have Engaged in SECRET Bailouts! - Ron Paul's Bomb Shell Interview

Tonight Ron Paul was on the Ed Show where he confirmed what we at The Firecracker Report have been saying all along - that the real reason the Fed does not want to be audited is that they have made SECRET bailouts to Wall Street which they do not want the public to know. The skeletons in the Fed's closet are of staggering proportions and truly scary.
For more we refer readers to our November 28 post titled "Bernake Takes a Page from AIG CEO's Book and Throws a Hissy Fit Over Auditing the Fed". As we pointed out in that report secret bailouts by the Fed are extremely likely, especially in light of some startling admissions to such deals, from Bernanke's cousin across the pond - Bank of England's governor Mervyn King. The Governor recently admitted that last year the Bank of England made a staggering $102 bn loan to RBS and HBOS which it hid from the British Government and the public.
So it is very likely that NO ONE in our government has a clue as to the true extent to which Bernanke has mortgaged our future. As Ron Paul himself states that "Even if the Audit the Fed bill passes the House and the Senate with overwhelming majority, it will most likely be vetoed by the President - This is BIG STUFF"
See below for Ron Paul's Explosive Interview

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