Monday, December 28, 2009

The Firecracker Report's Copyright Policy

This post is in response to a reader enquiry about posting The Firecracker Report's content on another website/blog. Our blog was initiated with the aim of educating ourselves and our readers, by sharing information and providing a different perspective on the challenges facing our times. We therefore encourage our readers to spread the word by sharing the Report's content with their friends, family and on other blogs/ YES U CAN!
Our only request is that our readers adequately credit the author (i.e. The Firecracker Report/another author whose work we have posted) by providing a link to the original post and website. That way new readers have the means to access our (or another author's) work and information. In addition, while posting our content on other blogs/websites we request that readers post partially and provide a link to the full content on our site.
Thank you for your support,
Kind regards,
The Firecracker Team

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