Monday, December 21, 2009

Marc Faber: Forget the Economy Bernanke Will Drive Anything Off a Cliff

Enclosed is a great interview by Marc Faber where he highlights several new trends that will unfold in the future. Here are some points he touches on:
  1. American printing press to steam roll ahead. Longer term the dollar will continue to go down and interest rates will go up.
  2. Widening divide between corporate elite and working class in America that will eventually lead to war.
  3. Trend in America is to move towards a police state.
  4. Bernanke will take anything off a cliff - a taxi, a Mcdonald's stand, the Federal Reserve, anything.
  5. Bernanke remains completely ignorant of the causes of the Great Depression.
  6. Hyper inflation looms as the U.S. government tries to print out of mounting liabilities including social security and medicare.
  7. For Americans with sizeable assets it is advisable to move them abroad.
Listen to his full interview on King World News here

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