Wednesday, December 16, 2009

True Compassion is More Than Flinging a Coin to a Beggar. Instead the Edifice which Produces Beggars Needs Restructuring

A must watch interview of Howard Zinn, author of the book "A People's History of the United States" with Bill Moyers. Zinn highlights how beneath the papering over of our economic woes by our government a dangerous cocktail of social unrest is brewing. Millions of American's are feeling trapped, angry and overlooked by their government and its corporate overlords. People are feeling cheated out of a prosperous way of life by forces beyond their control, and are turning to whoever seems to represent them. The gap unfortunately being filled by extreme right wingers like Sarah Palin, who is successfully playing upon the frustrations of the people. Instead, the desperate need of the hour is to channel people's anger into movements that are progressive and which can bring real change and democracy back to America. A 90-min documentary "The People Speak" based on Zinn's book recently aired on the History Channel.
Watch Zinn's interview here. The transcript of his interview can be accessed here.

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