Friday, January 8, 2010

Enough Is Enough: Time To Fire Geithner

Author: The Golden Truth Blog
Geithner is a true scumbag and that should have been quite apparent in the way that he released the news that the Treasury was removing the bailout limitations on FNM and FRE on Chrstmas Eve, when no one was around to see the news as it hit the wires. It was also done strategically like this in order to avoid the Congressional approval that would have been required had the decision been implemented just 8 days later in the new year. But Geithner should have never been given the job of Treasury Secretary in the first place after it was revealed he was a habitual tax cheater. Shame on Obama for not withdrawing his nomination of Geithner and shame on Congress for confirming the appointment.
NOW it appears as if Tim Geithner intentionally told AIG to violate SEC laws by instructing them, as then-Chairman of the NY Fed, to withhold information from the public about the details of the close to $200 billion taxpayer bailout of AIG. From Bloomberg News:
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