Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If Govt Says U.S. Citizen is a "Terrorist", Constitution is Gone, Torture is On

Carl Herman in LA County Nonpartisan Examiner
An American citizen with a bachelor’s degree from 2003 earned from Brooklyn College in Political Science protested as a student against US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He appropriately earned his master’s degree in International Relations in a different country, at a London university, and continued lawful political protest against unlawful US and British wars.
In 2006 this American was arrested as a “terrorist.” The evidence: a defendant under a plea-bargain deal to reduce his sentence testified that the American loaned his cell phone as needed when the defendant stayed at his apartment while travelling through London. Among the defendant’s calls is at least one to alleged members of al-Qaida in Pakistan to arrange delivery of a few raincoats, ponchos, and socks in the defendant’s luggage.
That’s the evidence of criminal activity: lending his cell phone.
The American has been held in solitary confinement for soon-to-be three years at a US prison facility in New York. His attorney and he were not allowed to see the actual evidence for...
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