Thursday, February 11, 2010

Faber: The New Dirty WAR - Cyber Warfare, Water Supply Contamination, Hacking Defense Networks

Faber makes some excellent points in this most recent Bloomberg Interview:
  1. Chinese economy may slow down meaningfully this year as the government curbs loan growth. This will hurt industrial commodity prices.

  2. U.S. Fed's real exit strategy is YET MORE money printing. How else does the U.S. fund $1 trillion of annual deficits for the next 10 years?

  3. U.S. government debt (including Fannie/Freddie debt, along with Medicare and Medicaid unfunded liabilities) is 600% of GDP.

  4. The next WAR (which may have already begun with China) is a dirty one and will not be fought with conventional weapons but as cyber warfare, water supply contamination, electric grid failure, hacking of defense infrastructure etc. Just as we had recommended earlier, Faber too recommends owning a farm to protect not only against food price increases but also to protect against the threat of dirty wars which will target urban areas.
Watch the full interview here (CLICK ON THE VIDEO TAB at the top, next to STORY)

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