Monday, February 1, 2010

Goldman CEO: Suck It Obama, Don't Ya Wish You Worked For Me? Oh Wait, You ALREADY Do.

Goldman's CEO is opening up a new bank vault - just to deposit the $100 million bonus payment he is about to receive for his outstanding performance in flushing the U.S. economy down the toilet. According to CNBC:
The CEO of Goldman Sachs could get a bumper bonus of up to $100 million for 2009, London newspaper The Times reported Monday, quoting bankers in Davos, Switzerland. Lloyd Blankfein and other top Goldman Sachs bankers were set to receive the biggest ever bonuses awarded at the world's richest investment bank, according to the bankers. US President Barack Obama said last week that bonuses paid out by some banks were "shameful." "This is Lloyd thumbing his nose at Obama," a banker at one of Goldman's rivals told The Times.
In 2007, Blankfein was paid $67.9 million, his biggest bonus ever. But last year, the bank's profit was $1.8 billion higher than in 2007.
Yeah GOD's workers deserves a paycheck. They are doing GOD's work of sending stupid ordinary hard-working, humans to HELL. As Blankfein would attest "It is a HARD job, but someone has to do it. The least GOD can do is pay me well".

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