Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Explosive Interview on the Gold/Silver Market Ponzi Scheme

Explosive interview on King World News with GATA members Bill Murphy, Chris Powell and Adrian Douglas on the recent CFTC meeting and Andrew Maguire's expose of the silver market manipulation by major Wall Street banks.
  • Andrew Maguire informed the CFTC in advance that market manipulation in the silver market would take place according to a defined pattern. The CFTC took no action despite things having played out just as Andrew had outlined.
  • The gold market is a monstrous fraud with paper derivative contracts (futures) having overwhelmed the underlying physical market.
  • The futures markets are designed and intended to mask inflation by suppressing the price of real assets such as gold and silver. The futures markets are an act of fraud.
  • JP Morgan Chase is de-facto an agency of the government in rigging the gold/silver markets.
Listen to the full interview here

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