Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What Would you Say if You Came Face to Face with an ET?

The London Telegraph recently conducted a competition on what messages Earthlings would pose to an extra-terrestrial (ET) if they suddenly encountered one. The poll produced some shocking answers that accurately capture the sad state of world affairs today, and the utter despair, cynicism and helplessness that many people feel. Instead of relaying messages of hope like "Hello, welcome to beautiful planet earth", respondents choose to say quite the opposite:
Whatever you do, stay away from Washington DC. No intelligent life there.
- Richard from Texas.
Keep away from this planet. Mankind is only intent on depleting, abusing and destroying it. They will do the same to yours should they find it. Mankind is the worst virus in the universe.
- Pamela from Sicily
Sorry to drop this on you, but we’ve kinda wrecked our planet. Any chance we could come live with you? We’ve got beer.
- Gary from Dagenham
For more responses and a full view of the Telegraph poll click here.

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